Urinal Flow Controller

Water and energy conservation are topics which are becoming more important every year.

Washroom taps that deliver a pre-determined amount of water have been contributing vastly to savings in the running costs of both male and female toilets for decades.  Having solved the problem of taps left running, the moneynn ruing down the drain is now the urinal.  Yes, bowl or trough, porcelain or stainless steel, your friendly urinal pours on average eight or more litres of water down the drain every ten minutes, day in, day out, week in, week out - just in case someone might have used it!

Those of you who are already aware of the costs involved in running a urinal will know that vast savings can be made by fitting a flow controller.  In our area, one uncontrolled urinal cistern could cost around 400 ukp per year.  Fitted with a controller, this could drop to 65 ukp per year!  Multiply these savings by the number of cisterns in your establishment, and these are very significant.
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How it works

Upon installation, the unit is taught the time taken to fill the cistern. By sensing the presence of people with its infra-red 'eye', the urinal controller only allows the system to fill for that time when it has been used, and can also be programmed to limit the interval between flushes to a pre-determined time.  During long periods of non use, the unit provides a 'hygiene' flush at twelve hourly intervals to keeps the traps fresh. 

The idea of controlling costs in this way is not a new one, but this product has many good features -

  • Can be fitted by anyone with basic handyman tools and skills.  No need for plumbers or electricians.

  • Battery operated, so completely safe for use in the washroom area.  Battery life in excess of eighteen months using standard 'AA' 1.5V batteries.

  • Low battery warning light which will flash for days before the batteries are exhausted.

  • Works with a range of standard valves from multiple manufacturers.

  • Unlike some other products, does not forget its program when the batteries are exhausted, and will continue to work after changing without any re-programming.

  • Retains program for years without battery power.

  • Pays for itself (including installation) within six months.

  • If waste pipe becomes blocked, damage to unattended buildings is minimised due to flushing only every 12 hours.

Further details of this and other services may be obtained from our distributors.

Example calculation.

The cost of water in our area is about 0.98 pounds per cubic metre, so, if we take eight litres of water 6 times an hour for twenty four hours a day, every day, we get

Six flushes an hour = 6 x 24 = 144 flushes per day
7 days per week = 7 x 144 = 1008 flushes per week. 
Fifty two weeks per year = 1008 x 52 = 52416 flushes per year.

Multiply 52416 flushes by eight litres to get 419328 litres (419 cubic metres) of water every year, which would cost about 411 pounds.

So, with a Urinal Flow Controller installed in an office occupied Monday to Friday, 08:00-18:00 with a twenty minute 'delay' time, we get

Three flushes an hour for ten hours of the day =  30 flushes per day
Plus one hygiene flush  =  31 flushes per day
for five days a week = 155 flushes per week
Plus four hygiene flushes over the weekend =  159 flushes per week
Fifty two weeks per year = 159 x 52 = 8268 flushes per year

Multiply 8268 flushes by eight litres to get 66144 litres (66 cubic metres) of water every year, which would cost only 65 pounds!

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